Berlin Visitor info - Euruko 2011

Here we like to share some infos you might find use full when coming to Berlin this spring.

Venue Location

The Venue “Kino International” is located near the underground station Schillingstraße and really hard to miss, no matter which exit you take (north east is recommended). Schillingstrasse lies on the route of the U5 underground line which goes east from the center and starts one stop away at Alexander Platz. Alexander Platz is a major transport hub where various street car (Tram), underground (U-Bahn) and S-Bahn routes cross. If you have a direct connection to Alexanderplatz from the place you are staying, Euruko isn’t far (10 minutes walk or one stop with the U5).

Getting around

You can get around in Berlin perfectly with public transports, on the weekend (Fridaynight and Saturday night) all lines operate 24 hours. If you buy a day ticket Zone AB (6,30 Eur) you can use all busses, street cars (Tram), underground (U-Bahn) and S-Bahn the entire day within the city.

To find out connection you can either use the bvg website or use the mobile FahrInfo App, where the downloadable route network might come in handy.

Taxis in Berlin are affordable and there are plenty of them. Call +49 30 20 20 20 or use the iPhone app Taxi Berlin to order one. The application is free but for the German app store only (of course there are ways around this).

Info Map

View EuRuKo 2011 in a larger map

Places to work

Berlin is packed with great coworking locations. On our visitor info map, we tried to point out coworking spaces with the “green-star-pointer” Icon.

If you are looking for a list of spaces, please do a Hallenproject search for spaces in Berlin. Hallenprojekt is an international list of coworking spaces.

Places to stay

Here are some hand picked places where you can sleep while being in Berlin for Euruko 2011. It will take you less than 20 minutes to get to the venue from these places.



Berlin has an active couch surfing scene with a monthly meet-up.


Other Places

I you look for other places, we recommend that you stay in the districts Mitte, Friedrichshain, Northern Kreuzberg or Southern Prenzlauerberg. If you rather want to stay in an Apartment check out the offers on: