EuRuKo 2012 needs you May 2011

The gong being passed on

Don’t worry, we’ll refrain from showing a picture of uncle Sam. However, we would like to point out again, that EuRuKo is an event organized by volunteers from the Ruby community. Every year it takes place in a different city somewhere in Europe. That means: EuRuKo 2012 needs a home.

Traditionally, the attendees vote where the next conference will take place. Last year we created t-shirts and even sang on stage for the opportunity to create a great Ruby event in Berlin just for you (and of course to get our hands on the gong).

Singing bolle

So what about next year? Who will give the gong a new home? Who will keep alive the EuRuKo tradition and organizes an awesome EuRuKo 2012?

This is your chance to shine and give something back to the community. We’ll expect your proposals at the end of the conference.