Here are the speakers Apr 2011

by visual.dichotomy

Hi all,

we kept you on tenterhooks for quite some time, we know. First, thanks again to all who submitted a talk, it was really hard to choose as quality was great and subjects varying. It took us some time and lengthy discussions to go through the nearly 100 submissions to get a unique Euruko 2011 mix.

Before announcing the first speakers we would like to give you an overview of what to expect this year. The most fundamental decision we took early on was to focus on ruby. We rejected great speakers and topics, which didn’t deal with ruby, but it’s very likely that you will see these talks on other occasions. We also think that the Euruko should be a stepping stone for interesting new speakers, so instead of playing it safe we accepted quite a bunch of them and some veterans have to take a break. And last but not least we wanted diversity: You can expect hardware hacking, bit shifting, game scaling, movie making, data pushing and more.

So go and checkout what Pat Allan, Ben Langfeld / Ben Klang, Nick Sutterer, Bodo Tasche and Lourens Naudé will talk about in our new speakers section.

We will announce more speakers in the following days.

– Update 05. April

You can now find info about the talks of Federico Brubacher, Thorben Schröder, Karel Minařík and Kornelius Kalnbach

– Update 08. April

We getting close to the finish. Here are the latest speakers: Paolo Perrotta, Elise-Huard, David Calavera and José Valim.

– Update 12. April

As good as done. Here are the last speakers: Julik Tarkhanov, Jesper Richter-Reichhelm, Mateusz Drożdżyński. Grand finale, keynote speakers.