The last batch Mar 2011

We had a long and productive meeting on Monday. Here are the results:


First of all we are going to increase the size of the last batch – which goes on sale today (2011-03-09) 18:00 CET – to 150 tickets:

We are aware that some people are not happy with amiando, but the actual problem is the high demand for tickets, not the software or its interface. We have also checked the ticket purchases and there are no signs of scripted mass registrations.

EuRuKo is a conference with a special atmosphere and a unique community experience. We want to preserve that spirit and ensure that everyone has enough space and can enjoy the conference. Therefore, we will not sell out the cinema to the last seat. Last year’s conference had 250 attendees (including speakers, staff and sponsors). This year, we will increase that number considerably, but keep it below 400.

What if I already have a plane/train/bus ticket?

Don’t worry, Berlin is always worth a trip. Also, we are discussing plans to provide an alternative program for people who cannot attend the main conference … However, we will need some more time to figure out the details.


We are still working on the speaker list. We made great headway, but we are not quite there yet. We expect to release the final program before the end of march. Please be patient – the line-up is going to be great!


To the parents among the attendees: If there is a need for day care, please let us know, we will figure something out.